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Irpd AG is your competent partner in the field of additive manufacturing of prototypes and small series in Europe. Our customers come from a wide range of industries and markets, sometimes with very specific requirements for the parts that we manufacture. From development, planning and data preparation to in-house production, through our extensive know-how, the use of innovative technologies and with high precision, we offer you vast opportunities in the implementation of your ideas.


Engineering includes general design, design, modification and optimization of components, as well as support for engineering offices and support in the research and development area. It includes the data acquisition (3D scanners) of objects and the reconstruction of physical models. Projects from a wide range of industries are processed, such as technology, medicine, art, archeology, paleontology, architecture, etc.

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Think Additive workshops

Our Think Additive® workshops provide your staff with the necessary knowledge of additive production. With the help of our strong "learning by doing" approach, we promote active gathering of first practical experiences. For maximum benefit, this learning process (depending on the training module) will be carried out over a series of workshops spaced out over time and will take into account specific components.

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Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering means reverse engineering or reconstructing. Reverse engineering aims to create a 1:1 copy of an existing object. A further goal may be to modify this object.

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Finishing SLS & SLM

In our post-processing we can refine surfaces in a variety of shapes.

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Medical engineering

Irpd AG also provides support during the development of new implants, instruments and training models. "The Egg" training model was created in collaboration with the St. Gallen Cantonal Hospital, which is used to train prospective doctors and surgeons.

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