Think Additive workshops

Our Think Additive® workshops provide your staff with the necessary knowledge of additive manufacturing. With the help of our strong "learning by doing" approach, we promote active gathering of first practical experiences. For maximum benefit, this learning process (depending on the training module) will be carried out over a series of workshops spaced out over time and will take into account specific components. After completing the Think Additive® workshops, participants will have a strong grasp of the key aspects of additive manufacturing technology. Initial approaches and implementation projects for economic production of up-to-date conventional manufactured components will be initiated and directly implemented. To get started, find out more about our modules here. We would also be happy to talk with you personally and tell you more about the Additive® workshops.


Overview of modules

Module 1 – BASICS
Aim: Learn about the basics of additive manufacturing

Module 2 – BASICS PLUS - Our recommended start workshop
Aim: Understand and explore the basics of additive manufacturing

Aim: A specific AM component developed (prerequisite: minimum Module 2)

Module 4 - Think Additive® STRATEGY WORKSHOP
Aim: You produce a concrete additive manufacturing component (prerequisite: minimum Module 2-3)