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Motion Magazine 2022-01
INNOVATION: The Heart of C.O.R.E. / INDEPTH: Climate protection – good for the environment and companies / INTERVIEW: How does the industry handle resources efficiently?

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Faster, better... C.O.R.E.

Since its launch last year, C.O.R.E. has revolutionized the operation of grinding machines. Motion asked the developers what direct advantages they have already seen and what the future holds

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Good for the climate, good for companies

The UNITED GRINDING Group is constantly working on the efficiency of its machines and our environmental balance as a whole to meet the requirements of this era of climate awareness. This is also a smart, long-term strategy that is very much in the interest of our companies. Motion gives you an overview

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Current Situation

The more society and politicians prioritize climate protection, the more important efficiency and the sustainable use of resources will become in the manufacturing industry. A conversation about progress and setbacks along the way to climate-neutral production

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Motion Magazine 2021-01

INNOVATION: Next generation – We make machine tools smart /
INDEPTH: Important training – The machine and the person in front of it /
INTERVIEW: What counts is trust – The exchange of machine data
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Motion Magazine 2020-01

INNOVATION: How the UNITED GRINDING Group is getting ready for the future / INDEPTH: How digital tools make Customer Care faster and more agile / INTERNATIONAL: How Vietnam benefits from international trade disputes
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Motion Magazine 2019-02

INNOVATION: Why grinding is a superior manufacturing process /
INDEPTH: Your smartphone and the laser /
INTERVIEW: Smart machines need competent employees
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Motion Magazine 2019-01

STATIONS: New solutions in practical application /
LECTURES: Experts from research and practice report /
FUTURE LAB: Technologies of tomorrow and beyond
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