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Motion Magazin 2022-02
IMPACT 4530 – The miracle from St. Gallen
What can additive manufacturing do for machine tools?
Knowledge transfer and fostering young talent go hand in hand.

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The miracle from St. Gallen

With its IMPACT 4530, the UNITED GRINDING Group has developed the world’s first “Made in Switzerland” additive machine tool for industrial use — from the small town of St. Gallen. How was this success achieved?

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We’re well underway

The UNITED GRINDING Group’s IMPACT 4530 is the world’s first ‘Made in Switzerland’, industrial format additive machine tool. In an interview with Professor Markus Bambach from ETH Zurich, CEO Stephan Nell explains the potential of the new technology.

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The “WE Academy” provides training for applied engineering experts from all over the world.The “WE Academy” provides training for applied engineering experts from all over the world.
Learning the state of the art

The modern transfer of knowledge and the development of young staff are becoming increasingly important at the companies of the UNITED GRINDING Group.

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